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James Padgett Padgett

I need assistance in investigating ghost that scartched my girlfriend

Dec. 9, 2019

J Spears

My 13 year old son refuses to sleep in his upstairs bedroom because he says there is something/someone up there that keeps him awake at night. My sister says there is a woman that stays in her closet & bedroom. There have been a couple instances where
I & one other person at different times were woken up to pressure on our chest, or being held down. Also, a couple times where people have seen or heard someone on the property outside the house.

Feb. 24, 2019


do you help with demons? In dire need of help. I am so scared.

Dec. 22, 2018

Samantha Dake

There's this cave not far from my hometown, there's been childhood stories about rituals and sacrifices. I am sensitive, I feel,hear and see things that normal people don't. I went to the cave today with my family for the first time. When I walked in I
had a unpleasant feeling that I wasn't welcomed. As we walked further into it there was rooms/sections on the sides that go further into the cave. About 30 minutes later we were walking and my mom and sister heard something and when they turned around to look
and heard something running at them full speed. That's when they screamed and had to leave the cave.

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Kimberly Morgan

I don't want to miss the wonderful content here.

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Sonya Garrison

I have some things that r coming in my home an they r also around the area I live in. These this r blacker than black an there knees r bent backwards. I have be scratched by these things many times and when I'm in bed it trys to get my dog. I really need
help. I beleave where I live was Indian ground. Please if you can help please help me..

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michael smith

do not try to make contact with it my email address is contact me on my email and send me a phone number to get back to you

Sep. 15, 2018

Keith Pearson

We have a shadow in our house it has started terrifying my daughters me & my youngest daughter have the ability to see spirits that’s why this dark creature is bothering her it comes as our last grandfather of hers with a dark shadow around him it is making
the lights come on & off moving things pushing open her bedroom door ! This only has started happening sense grandfather passed away in our living room we honestly think this spirit came from him or is posing as him just to get my daughters attention. Let
me know if you have any idea how we can possibly get this thing gone . Thanks

Jul. 20, 2018

michael smith

you have not left any way for me to contact you you need to message my email address

Jun. 6, 2018

Miranda Fraley

I need help please help me. My home is haunted. It started with a simple shadow here or there. Now it has gone to being touched to voices being heard. I had a bluetooth speaker on my table nothing paired to it and through it came a childs voice saying
why are you scared. Do you wanna play hide and go seek i want to play in the dark if you do someone will die tonight. Please help me i dont have the money to move and im terrified. Please help me.

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Love your work!

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ahmad lutfi asiri

tell me about paranormal spirits .whata are they and from where exacly.

Sep. 13, 2017

Chad Haywood

Hi! My name is Chad Haywood and I'm an Emmy Nominated Producer here in Los Angeles. I'm sure you've been contacted by countless shows and producers in the past, but I wanted to reach out to you about a truly unique project i'm working on.

A major television network I'm working with is researching stories of people who have had very intense, frightening and personal experiences with the supernatural. If those experiences have affected these peoples personal and professional life in a meaningful
and profound way, we would love to share their story with the world. Participants will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to tell their story and have that story brought to life by some of Hollywood's top Directors.

I'd love to discuss the project with you further. If you know anyone who has been affected and has a rich, deep story to tell we would love to hear it. Feel free to email or call with any questions. I look forward to speaking with you.




Chad Haywood

Supervising Casting Director

(818) 231-3060

Jul. 9, 2017

mike smith

what issues is she having to get a gun out send me your email address

Jul. 6, 2017

Kenny taylor

Please im asking for help for my neace. Its got her about to have a nerves break down she has gotten where she gets the gun out and she has two small children