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we only investigate albertville and marshall co. alabama this is not our job we still have to work. this is something we do to help other local people. We are not Pros. At this we are learning and we are making use of some of the cheaper equipment made for ghost hunting . We are not the ghostbusters or anyother team you have seen on tv we are a small town group made up of local country boys and girls. We are the one's that nobody has heard of. We do care if you  have things going on you cannot explain contact us. All contact will be made by email when you email us leave your name your phone number and message on subject you wish to address. we are also looking for new members. Remenber one thing if you contact us for investigation we do not release your information to anyone unless it is requested by you.  Keep in mind that we only do a very few investigation's per year.  Our jobs that we do everyday comes first. We have to earn a living thank you.  Michael Smith.  For membership email us. Your name, phone number. Thank you. None of the photo's on this website has any paranormal in them.


United States. Albertville and Marshall co. Alabama. albertville paranormal research team. Investigation's are free.

Opening hours:email 24/7

Need help email us. I will get back to you. send name. phone number. and message about your problem. thank you